Top Off Your Topsoil

Top Off Your Topsoil

Add fertilizer, mulch or new soil to your yard

You need a quality selection of soil and fertilizer to give your plants the nutrients they need to grow. When you swing by Mac's Garden Center, you'll find:

Bark -In Bulk we carry: mulch, fine, medium, and large bark In Bagged we carry: mulch, fine, and small
Soils - choose from our selection of top soil, potting soil and raised bed options
Composts - In Bulk we carry: Soil pep (Aged sawdust) and Organic Garden compost
In bagged we carry: Manure

We carry organic and traditional products to help you meet your landscaping or gardening needs. Or let us help you start a compost in your home or yard. Call Mac's Garden Center at 509-547-8109 to learn more.

We only sell the finest fertilizers and soils

You can depend on Mac's Garden Center to provide some of the highest quality gardening and landscaping products in the region. Whether you're tilling your garden and want to lay new soil or you're potting some flowers and need topsoil, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Mac's Garden Center.

Call 509-547-8109 to learn more, or visit Mac's Garden Center to see our soil and fertilizer today.