Add Natural Shade to Your Yard With Shrubs and Trees

Add Natural Shade to Your Yard With Shrubs and Trees

We have trees for every season at Mac's Garden Center

When you're shopping for a new tree, what do you look for? Is it the height, fullness, color or scent? Do leaves, branches or tree maintenance help you decide? Do you have a specific shrub in mind? Whatever your tree needs are, stop in to Mac's Garden Center for all things foliage. We carry a wide variety of deciduous trees, evergreen trees and fruit trees that do well in Eastern Washington.

Stop in today to see our large selection of shrubs and trees at Mac's Garden Center.

4 reasons to plant trees or shrubs in your yard

Trees and shrubs are a simple way to add beauty and life to your yard. Here are four reasons you should plant some shrubs or trees in your yard:

1.  Build a natural privacy wall
2.  Provide shade from our intense summer sun
3.  Make an effective windbreak
4.  Increase value and curb appeal of your home and property.

Choose Mac’s Garden Center to help you grow a green thumb. Call 509-547-8109 today to ask about our current tree and shrub selection.